Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why do I have to trust you as some of my friends tell me that online purchase is not secure?
A) It is merely depend on reputation of a seller, check the feedbacks of my previous customers and go ahead when you feel comfortable. We will trying our very best to provide you the price and service which you can't get in normal biker accessories outlet.

Q) Why your product price is cheaper when compare to other retail outlet?
A) Because as a online merchant, I didn't have to pay for rental, electricity bill and staff wages to get sales. So, I have converted the saving as discounts for you. This is a win-win situation.

Q) Why I should buy from you as some of your products may not be the cheapest ( but reasonable )around?
A) Because I am one of the sponsor for several forum including this, your support will ensure our continuing contributions. So, when you buy from me or other sponsors, you are indirectly contributing to the forum as well. If we offer you the reasonable price, why not consider supporting us?

We might not selling at the lowest price in Malaysia. But bear in mind that, what you need is not only low price, but also value added service as well like fast delivery, 100% satisfaction guarantee, pre and post sales support.

Q) Can I COD as I want to test the product before I purchase it?
A) Sorry, we able to provide you the better deal only if you purchase online. We sell most of ours accessories online. Online pricing and promotions is also limited to online purchase only.

Q) Will the shipping rate the same if I buy in bulk?
A ) Of course not, it will be a lot cheaper in shipping if you calculate in per-item basis.

Q) Shall I expect more discount if I buy in bulk or if I am a good negotiator?
A) No, because the price I quoted is already discounted and all price shall assumed to be firm. You need not bargaining like your mum if you deal with me.

Q) How can I tell if an item is in stock?
A) Drop me a e-mail or sms or order form and stated the Model, Color/Pattern, Size and I will check for you ASAP.

Q) Do you offer special prices for dealers/wholesalers?
A) At this time we're strictly an online retailer. If you own a motorcycle/accessories store you are certainly welcome to order from us, however, the prices will be the same as the ones advertised online.

Q) If I do not see something on your website, can you special order it?
A) This usually depends on the item itself, please email us or sms. We will be able to give you information about your specific product.

Q) Do you have size charts?
A) Yes we do, you will find them listed with categories of the products. These charts are a rough estimation and should only be used as a general guide. Because everyone are different, we cannot guarantee that the charts will work for everyone.

Q) What if the sizing you recommended or chosen by me is not is not suited me or the quality is under my expectation?
A) You can always return the product for exchange or refund, please read our Return and Exchange Policy


7 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
-Exchange YES
-Refund YES
-Item Condition NEW
-Justification YES
-Packaging BOX and TAGS Needed and in Merchantable Condition
-Time Frame Immediate if Item In-Stock

All the shipping shall at customer expenses.

Date is calculate from the date of receival of goods.

Defected item at the day of receival or Wrong order caused by ours part due to carelessness, mishandling will be covered by us. Item shall be replaced or refund, delivery shall at our expenses.

We do offer 7 days 100% SATISFACTION guarantee. If the product quality or sizing is under your expectation, you can always return it for exchange or refund. We help you to save your time and money, a lots of my customers are repeated customer and their friends. I am sure they are fully benefited with this, JOIN US and being my follower / fan now!


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